Sjukgymnaster från Riga på besök i Berlin

We are three physiotherapists from the State Social care center Riga in Latvia Zane Udre, Ieva Blodone, and Evita Dubinina. Every day we work with handicapped and non-handicapped children who live there.

From 26 – 29 November 2012. sponsored by VAGGAN we visited center for children development Pikler Gesellschaft e.V. and physiotherapy praxis of Anja Werner Beweggrunde in Berlin for an exchange of experiences and the improvement of professional skills. In both – center and praxis, different methods are used to support psychomotor development of children. During our workshop we could visit many therapeutic settings and treatments for handicapped and non-handicapped kids.

Main methods we could learn (Hengstenberg, Pikler approach) are tailored to a definite rehabilitation purpose, and at the same time encourage children’s self-esteem and self-trust, so important qualities for the kids who should grow up in institutions. We got many practical ideas we will implement in our daily work here.

Thank you for the possibility!

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